(Persicaria hydropiper (L.) Spach) Fam:. Polygonaceae

Danmark Bidende Pileurt, Estland Mõru kirbutatar, Finland Katkeratatar, Lettland Ūdenspipars, Litauien Kartusis rūgtis, Norge Vasspepar , Ryssland Персикария перечная, Tyskland Wasserpfeffer , Storbrittanien Bitterpilört

In direct control measures for species that only spread by seed or for which seeds are an important part of reproduction, there are two main strategies. One option is to decrease the soil seed bank by several shallow cultivations so that the weed seeds are stimulated to germinate, for example before sowing, or by minimal tillage so that as few seeds as possible are encouraged to germinate and the seed bank in the soil gradually declines. This is combined with attempts to reduce deposits to the seed ‘bank account’ in the soil by not allowing plants to flower and set seed  (see also under the link Control/life forms above).


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Falsk såbädd/fördröjd sådd/senarelagd sådd.

Jordbearbetning som t.ex. Stubbearbetning, plöjning och radhackning.

Kemisk bekämpning – herbicider