(Lapsana communis L.) Fam:. Asteraceae

Danmark Haremad, Estland Harilik linnukapsas, Finland Linnunkaali, HollandAkkerkool, Island Herafifill, Lettland Parasta salatene, Litauien Paprastoji gaiva, Norge Haremat, Polen Łoczyga pospolita, Ryssland Бородавник обыкновенный, Tyskland Rainkohl, Storbrittanien Harkål

Cotyledons 5-9 mm long and 3-5 mm broad, rarely hairless, petioled, oval to egg-shaped. True leaves up to 15 cm (basal rosette), rarely hairless, petiolate, usualy lyrate-pinnatifid with terminal lobe often more or less heart-shaped and 1(3) paires of small lateral lobes, all wavy-toothed. Upper leaves shortly petiolate to sessile. Latex white (leaf stalk), often sparse. Stems 20-100 cm,  erect, branched above, hairy at least below, weakly ridged. Flower heads relatively small (ca 10 mm) and yellow, corymb. Reproduces only by seeds. Site: arable land, gardens, roadsides and ruderals. Winter annual