Yellow Chamomile

(Anthemis tinctoria L.) Fam:. Asteraceae

Danmark Farve-Gåseurt, Estland Kollane karikakar, Finland Keltasauramo, HollandGele kamille, Island Litunargæsajurt, Lettland Dzeltena ilzite, Litauien Geltonasis bobramunis, Norge Gul gåseblom, Polen Rumian żółty, Ryssland Пупавка красильная, пупавка желтоцветная, Tyskland Färberkamille, Storbrittanien Färgkulla

Cotyledons 4¬6 mm long and 2¬3 mm broad, without leaf stalk, oval–egg-shaped, hairless True leaves 1¬3-pinnate whith many more or less pinnate lobes, pubescent (downy and silky hairs), smaller lobes near base. Stems ascending or erect, 30¬70 cm, not rooting at nodes, pubescent. Flower heads terminal, few on long, slender peduncles. Ray-florets golden yellow, disc-florets dark yellow. Reproduces mainly by seeds, but also by fragments of the rootstock. Site arable land (winter cereals), pastures, meadows and leys, occur on calcareous sandy or gravelly soils. Perennial with aromatic scent.