Trifid Bur-marigold

(Bidens tripartita L) Fam:. Asteraceae

Danmark Fliget Brøndsel, Estland Kolmisruse, Finland Tummarusokki, HollandDriedelig tandzaad, Island Brúnihnappur, Lettland Trejdaivu sunitis, Litauien Triskiautis lakišius, Norge Flikbrønsle, Polen Uczep trójlistkowy, Ryssland Череда трёхраздельная, Tyskland Dreiteiliger Zweizahn, Storbrittanien Brunskära

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Cotyledons 8 – 15 mm long and 4 – 7 mm broad, short-petioled, oval, hairless. True leaves 5 – 15 cm, deeply cut into 3 (5) segments, the terminal lobe large, lanceolate, deeply saw-toothed.  Stems 20 – 90 cm, erect, aromatic when broken (often leaves when crushed), glabrous, often with purple canals, branched from the base. Flower heads brownish-yellow 1 – 2 cm broad, singly at tips of numerous branches, ray-florets absent and disc-florets tabular. Reproduces only by seeds. Sites arable land, along ditches and can be troublesome in moist acid soils. Summer annual.