Wild Carrot

(Daucus carota ssp. carota L.) Fam:. Apiaceae

Danmark Vild Gulerod, Estland Metsporgand, Finland Porkkana, Island Villigulrot, Lettland Savvalas burkans, Litauien Paprastoji morka, Norge Gulrot, Polen Marchew dzika, Ryssland Морковь обыкновенная, морковь дикая, Tyskland Wilde Möhre, Storbrittanien Vildmorot

Cotyledons 10¬20 mm long and 1¬2 mm broad, sessile or petioled, linear¬lanceolate. True leaves bi- or tripinnate, with deeply 3-lobed or pinnatifid segments. Lower leavws on long, slender petioles with ciliate sheathing base. Stems erect, 30¬80 cm, slender, branched, and furrowed, hispid. Flowers in compound, terminal umbels, numerous crowded rays, white. Reproduces by seeds. Site: meadows, pastures and roadsides etc, prefer dry and calcareous soils.Troublesome weed in seed crops of grasses and clovers. Biennial.