Hoary Alison

(Berteroa incana (L.) DC.) Fam:. Brassicaceae

Danmark Klövplade, Estland Hall kogelejarohi, Finland Harmio, HollandGrijskruid, Island Hvítduðra, Lettland Peleka sirmene, Litauien Pilkoji miltinaite, Norge Kvitdodre, Polen Pyleniec pospolity, Ryssland Икотник серо-зелёный, Tyskland Graukresse, Storbrittanien Sandvita


Cotyledons 5 mm long and 3 mm broad, broadly obovate–club-shaped, petioled, hairless. True leaves oblong–lancelate, obovate, entire, grey-green, basal rosette leaves. All leaves with densely, adpressed stellate and simple (under) hairs. Stems  more or less erect, 30–60 cm, branched and somewhat woody and hairy. Flowers  white (petels split almost to the middle, 4) in dense heads followed by hairy pods. Reproduces by seeds. Site mainly in warm, dry, nutrient-rich sand and gravel soils. Meadows, pastures, headlands, roadsides etc.and ruderals, at times in arable land also. Biannial (annual to perennial).