(Achillea millefolium L.) Fam:. Asteraceae

Danmark Almindelig Røllike, Estland Harilik raudrohi, Finland Siankärsämö, HollandGewoon duizendblad, Island Vallhumall, Lettland Parastais pelaškis, Litauien Paprastoji kraujažole, Norge Ryllik, Polen Krwawnik pospolity, Ryssland Тысячелистник обыкновенный, Tyskland Schafgarbe, Storbrittanien Rölleka

Cotyledons 3¬5 mm long and 2¬3 mm broad, oval, hairless, without leaf stalk. True leaves long-hairy at least below, bi- to tripinnate whith short, lanceolate, acute segments. Stems ascending or erect, 10¬60 cm, not rooting at nodes, tough and rigid, more or less woolly, furrowed, branched above. Flower heads numerous, in dense terminal corymbs, white or sometimes pink. Reproduces by seeds and shallow, short rhizomes. Site: pastures, meadows and lawns, occur on almost all soils, especially when dry. Perennial with aromatic scent.