(Achillea ptarmica L.) Fam:. Asteraceae

Danmark Nyse-Røllike, Estland Võsa-raudrohi, Finland Ojakärsämö, HollandWilde bertram, Island Silfurhnappur, Lettland Škavu kermelite, Litauien Ciauduline kraujažole, Norge Nyseryllik, Polen Krwawnik kichawiec, Ryssland Чихотник обыкновенный, Tyskland Sumpf-Schafgarbe, Storbrittanien Nysört


Cotyledons 3¬5 mm long and 2¬3 mm broad, obovate, hairless, without leaf stalk. True leaves linear¬lanceolate and regularly saw-toothed, glabrous or sparesly pubescent, without leaf stalk or weakly clasping. Stems  20¬60 cm, angled, tough and rigid, hairy (sparsely) and branched above. Flower heads in a loose terminal corymb, white ray-florets with yellowish white disc-florets. Reproduces by seeds and shallow  rhizomes. Site: arable land, meadows and gardens, occur on moist mineral soils and peaty soils. Perennial. Aromatic odour.