Scarlet Pimpernel

(Anagallis arvensis L.) Fam:. Primulaceae

Danmark Rød Arve, Estland Põld-varsapõlv, Finland Puna-alpi, HollandGewoon guichelheil, Island Nónblóm, Lettland Tiruma pavirza, Litauien Raudonžiedis progailis, Norge Nonsblom, Polen Kurzyślad polny, Ryssland Очный цвет полевой, Tyskland Acker-gauchheil, Storbrittanien Rödmire

Cotyledons 5-10 mm long and 2-5 mm broad, broad egg-shaped, pointed apices. True leaves 10-15 mm, without stalk (sessile), egg-shaped,  pointed, with more or less entire margins, obscurely 3-pli-veined. Leaves dotted with red-black glands below. Stems 5-30 cm, 4-angled, more or less lying on the ground, not rooting at nodes. Reproduces only by seeds. Dry arable land, ruderal. Annual..