(Frenchweed, ) (Galinsoga quadriradiata (G.ciliata) Riuz & Pav.) Fam:. Asteraceae

Danmark Kirtel-Kortstråle, Finland Ripsisaurikki, Norge Nesleskjelfrø , Polen Żółtlica owłosiona, Tyskland Behaartes Franzosenkraut , Storbrittanien Hårgängel

Cotyledons 3 – 6 mm long and 3 – 4 mm broad, petioled, broadly club- to egg-shaped, more or less hairless. True leaves 6 - 14 cm, short-petioled (lower leaves), the upper ones sessile, egg-shaped, more or less sharply pointed, soon limp, sparsely hairy, more or less hairy leaf margins. Stems 15 – 40 cm, erect or spreading, much branched, slender, spreading hairs at base. Flower stalks with glandular hairs and distinct spreading hairs. Flower heads less than 1 cm in diameter, numerous, with (4)5 white ray florets, receptacle bracts more or less entire (usually trifid), disc florets yellow. Reproduces only from seeds. Sites often nutrient-rich, sandy loamy soils. Troublesome summer-annual  in row-crops.