(Galeopsis spp. ) Fam:. Lamiaceae

Danmark Hanekro, Island Hjálmgras, Norge Då, Polen Poziewnik, Storbrittanien Dån-arter


Cotyledons 7-15 mm long and 5-10 mm broad, long-petioled, obovate with two backward-directed lobes. True leaves 25-100 mm, ovate to ovate-lanceolate, narrowing gradually to a point, coarsely saw-toothed with stiff bristly hairs or softly hairy. Stems 20-100 cm, 4-angled, sharply bristly, branched, swollen at nodes or below. Flowers in terminal spikes and dense clusters in the apper leaf axils. Corolla two-lipped, mainly yellow or purple. Reproduces only by seed (fruit with 4 seeds) and germinate generally very quickly in the spring. Site: occurs as weed in all kinds of arable crops and in vegetable gardens, particularly nitrogenous soils (peat soils and humic mineral soils). Summer annual.