(Centaurea cyanus L) Fam:. Asteraceae

Danmark Kornblomst, Estland Rukkilill, Finland Ruiskaunokki, HollandKorenbloem, Island Garðakornblóm, Lettland Zila rudzupuke, Litauien Rugiagele, Norge Kornblom, Polen Chaber bławatek, Ryssland Василёк синий, Tyskland Kornblume, Storbrittanien Blåklint

Cotyledons 10 – 15 mm long and 6 – 9 mm broad, petioled, oval to inversely egg-shaped, apex rounded or shallowly notched, hairless. True leaves 5-20 cm long (lower leaves usually lyrate to pinnately lobed with narrow distant lobes, upper linear to lance-shaped), grey-white woolly hairs (especially below). Stems 40 – 70 cm, erect, grooved, with many slender branches, sparsely wolly. Flower heads  terminal, solitary, on long slender stalks. Ray-florets sterile, bright blue, funnel-shaped and 3 times as long as the tabular, reddish-violet, bi-sexual disc-florets. Reproduces only by seeds. Sites arable land, troublesome especially in winter-cereals, often in loose sandy soils and loams rich in nutrients. Winter annual.