Field Forget-me-not

(Myosotis arvensis (L.) Hill) Fam:. Boraginaceae

Danmark Mark-Forglemmigej, Estland Põld-lõosilm, Finland Peltolemmikki, HollandMiddelst vergeet-mij-nietje, Island Gleym-mer-ei, Lettland Tiruma neaizmirstule, Litauien Dirvine neužmirštuole, Norge Åkerminneblom, Polen Niezapominajka polna, Ryssland Незабудка полевая, Tyskland Acker-vergissmeinnicht, Storbrittanien Åkerförgätmigej

Cotyledons broadly egg-shaped (nearly round), short-petioled, hairy, 4 – 6 mm long and 3 – 6 mm broad.True leaves in a basal rosette. First leaf  circular, markedly stalked. Later leaves lanceolate and gradually tapered into stem. All leaves with rough bristly hairs (both sides) and only a few cm long, upper sharply pointed. Flowers light blue with yellow tube (5 petals) in long racemes, corolla 3 – 4 mm. Flowe-stalk two times as long as calyx. Stem erect 15 – 40 cm with stiff bristly hairs, often much branched at ground level. Reproduces only by seeds. Sites most soils, arable land, gardens, roadsides and waste places. Occurs as weed especially in winter cereals and first-year leys. Winter annual.