Spear Thistle

(Cirsium vulgare (Savi) Ten.) Fam:. Asteraceae

Danmark Horse-Tidsel, Estland Tuliohakas, Finland Piikkiohdake, HollandSpeerdistel, Island Risaþistill, Lettland Asais dadzis, Litauien Dygioji usnis, Norge Vegtistel, Polen Ostrożeń lancetowaty, Ryssland Бодяк обыкновенный, Tyskland Gewöhnliche Kratzdistel, Storbrittanien Vägtistel

Cotyledons 5 – 7 mm long and 3 – 4 mm broad, inversely egg-shaped, somewhat fleshy, without stalk or short-petioled, hairless. True leaves  strongly decurrent, lanceolate or egg-shaped, pinnately lobed with lobed segments, dull greyish-green with weak spines above and blister-like swellings on the surface, spines along margins with swollen yellowish base, hairy especially below. Stems up to 130 cm, erect, branched, very leafy, rigid, with interrupted spiny wings. Flower heads (3 – 4 cm in diameter), solitary, mostly at the ends of branches. Florets bisexual, tubular and light purpel to red. Reproduces only by seeds. Sites grassland, roadsides, railways and ruderals. Occasionally in perennial crops. Decorative biennial species.