Corn Spurrey

(Spergula arvensis L.) Fam:. Caryophyllaceae

Danmark Almindelig Spergel, Estland Harilik nälghein, Finland Peltohatikka, HollandGewone spurrie, Island Skurfa, Lettland Tiruma gaurs, Litauien Dirvinis kežys, Norge Linbendel, Polen Sporek polny, Ryssland Торица полевая, Tyskland Acker-spörgel, Storbrittanien Åkerspärgel


Cotyledons needle-shaped (8–25 mm long and 1 mm broad), sessile, hairless. True leaves elongated and whorled, first leaves scarcely distinguishable from the cotelydons, slightly to strongly viscid with glandular hairs, very lax rosettes. Stems  erect or ascending (10–40 cm), viscid glandular-hairy, swollen at or above nodes and branched at lowest nodes. Flowers  white (petals 5) on long, slender pedicels. Reproduces by seeds. Site arable fields, gardens, roadsides and ruderals. Often very troublesome on sandy, acidic arable land because of its dense mats of growth.