(Anchusa officinalis L.) Fam:. Boraginaceae

Danmark Laege-Oksetunge, Estland Harilik imikas, Finland Rohtorasti, HollandGewone ossetong, Island Tarfatunga, Lettland Arstniecibas veršmele, Litauien Vaistinis godas, Norge Oksetunge, Polen Farbownik lekarski, Ryssland Воловик лекарственный анхуза лекарственная, Tyskland Gewöhnliche Ochsenzunge, Storbrittanien Oxtunga

Cotyledons 12–18 mm long and 6–10 mm broad, narrowed into stalk, apex pointed, coarse. True leaves up to 15 cm long, lanceolate – ovate, petiolate to sessile, greyish – green, bristly to softly hairy, margins occasionally undulate, forming rosetts. Stems 30–80 cm, erect, hispid, often branched. Long tap root, new shoots develop from the root. Flowers in terminal curled cymes, corolla 8–12 mm broad, initialy reddish, later deep violet. Rich source of nectar. Reproduces by seeds, new shoots can develop from divison of root stock. Sites dry sandy and gravelly soils rich in nutrients, sunny and well-drained habitats. Biennial – perennial.