(Anchusa arvensis (L.) Bieb.) Fam:. Boraginaceae

Danmark Krumhals, Estland Karukeel, Finland Peltorasti, HollandKromhals, Island Kalfatunga, Lettland Tiruma aitene, Litauien Dirvinis godulis, Norge Krokhals, Polen Farbownik polny, krzywoszyj, Ryssland Кривоцвет полевой, Tyskland Ackerkrumhals, Storbrittanien Rast

Cotyledons oval-lancelate, narrowed into stalk, obtuse to (pointed) at the apex, hairy, 12 – 20 mm long and 6 –10 mm broad.True leaves in a basal rosette usualy dead at flower. Leaves alternative, lanceolate or oblong-linear, margins undulate, often distantly toothed. All the green parts of the plant are coverd with very stiff hairs, with swollen bases. Flowers light blue in simple or forked, terminal curled cymes, corolla 4 – 6 mm. Stem erect 20 – 40 cm, often branched. Reproduces only by seeds.Sites warm, dry, sandy and gravelly, lime-deficient soils. Occurs as weed in most arable crops and gardens. Sommer annual (or winter annual).