(Chenopodium album L.) Fam:. Chenopodiaceae

Danmark Hvidmeldet Gåsefod, Estland Valge hanemalts, Finland Jauhosavikka, HollandMelganzevoet, Island Helunjoli, Lettland Balta balanda, Litauien Baltoji balanda, Norge Meldestokk, Polen Komosa biała, lebioda, Ryssland Марь белая, Tyskland Weißer Gänsefuß, Storbrittanien Svinmålla

Cotyledons 6 – 12 mm long and 2 – 5 mm broad, petioled, lanceolate – linear, mealy, undersides often maroon. True leaves 3 – 6 cm rhombic- ovate to broadly lanceolate, petiole up to 5 cm, more or less dull deep green and saw-toothed. Small hairs form a mealy covering especialy on younger leaves. Stems 10 – 90 cm, erect, furrowed, much branched, often reddish or red-shaped. Flowers in clusters, greenish. Reproduces only by seeds. Sites arable land, gardens, ruderal and prefer soils rich in nitrogen. Troublesome weed. Summer annual.