About the Weed Advisor web site

Welcome to The Weed Advisor website!

The initiator and overall manager of The Weed Advisor is Chief Agronomist Håkan Fogelfors, who was responsible for the subject area of  weed biology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences during the period 1987–2010.  If you want to ask us a question or make a comment, use the form on the "Contact us" link at the foot of the page.

Internet browser and operating system.

We have tried to ensure that the website is available on different  operating systems and internet browsers, including modern telephones with internet access. Our intention is to allow the information provided on The Weed Advisor website to be accessed in the field.

If pictures of species cannot be displayed as expected in Firefox:

The website uses java script so that it functions smoothly. In Firefox (both Windows and Mac), a setting needs to be changed so that pictures in the "Species" menu can be viewed as intended. Open the Firefox settings, click on the "Content" icon. The option "Activate JavaScript" is ticked. Click the "Advanced" button on the same row. A new dialogue pane opens. Click the top option "Move or change size of window". Click "OK" to confirm the new setting. Click "OK" again to save and close the settings pane. 

This shows the dialogue pane for settings in Firefox 3.5, Windows XP, but the pane is basically similar for Firefox in other operating systems.

With the web browsers Explorer and Safari the website works with the basic settings. We recommend that you always use the most recent version of the browser. 


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