This Weed Advisor is intended for farmers, gardeners, advisory workers, teachers and anyone else interested in plants.

  • Simple interactive species classification via three optional keys to classification.
  • Information on the biology and ecology of species (e.g. life form and flora changes).
  • Control measures (organic and conventional).
  • Current research projects.
  • Published literature with automatic updates.
  • Works with modern mobile telephones, e.g. iPhone.

The work began in 2008 and today includes  approximately 250 wild plant species that can occur as weeds in different environments within the Nordic countries. Work in progress.

"The weeds that gather on your fields or in your garden depend on their abilities,
the weather and what you do to stop them and protect the plants you grow" 

Copyright. All picture material and text on this website is copyright-protected. For permission to use the material outside this website, contact us:  Håkan Fogelfors (concept, text, keys and layout), Fredrik Stendahl (graphics, interface), Ebba Fogelfors and others (photos), Lars Fällman and Lena Lindgren (database)